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September 2013




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Apr. 2nd, 2024


[sticky post] Friends Only (Sticky post)

Banner made by kubrick_potter and taken from her comm: kubricks_icons 
Go check her out.

This journal is friends only except for my fics, poems and drabbles. I friend people I know something about, like either I know them in RL or I've heard of them, they write awesome fic or I've talked to them in chatzy or somewhere else :D If you want to be my friend, either try any of those things, or comment here with some babble about yourself. I don't friend people I've never heard of. <3

Dec. 17th, 2023


Harry Potter fanfiction Masterpost

Here are my Harry Potter Fanfictions.

Masterpost HP fic.Collapse )

Feb. 1st, 2023


Drabble Day Challenge Masterpost (HP, original, ambiguous and crack)

Here is my masterpost of the drabbles/ficlets and things I wrote for the Drabble Day Challenge over at hd_writers. I'm proud to say that I wrote for all 24 prompts in somewhere over 30 hours.

First, here is the communities masterpost of prompts, here you can see the pictures for each prompt, and everything : Prompt masterlist

One shots, for Harry Potter fandom.
One shots, from HP fandomCollapse )

Dating Luna, 4 drabbles about Ginny/Luna
Dating LunaCollapse )

Original Drabbles
Original DrabblesCollapse )

Ambiguous Pairings
Ambiguous PairingsCollapse )

CrackCollapse )

Jan. 16th, 2023


My claim for spn_30snapshots and a masterpost for my spn fics.

I claimed Sam/Dean, Sam&Dean. Theme table 04 spn_30snapshots Hopefully this means I will be writing some SPN fics.


Masterpost of these fics.

MasterpostCollapse )

Sep. 5th, 2013


(no subject)

5th of September, 2013, and I'm happy. happy....

Aug. 26th, 2013


A new blog

So, I started a new tumblr, just for my poetry, and probably in the future it will also be a platform for my orignal, shorter, more ambiguous stories.

Here it is: Nessa's poetry blog

There's not much else going on right now. But how are all of you ?

Jul. 15th, 2013

bw-kurt hummel, pride

Fic: You reminded me of you

Title: You reminded me of you
Artist: Mizuirokandeya
Author: Vanessawolfie
Rating (art/fic if different): gen/mature
Word Count: 7438
Warnings (if any): Homophobic mentions, bullying mentioned.
Fic Summary: Blaine got into NYADA, but life wasn't exactly like he planned it. Kurt had asked for space, so he gave him space; then, he started to avoid him. Suddenly, Blaine meets a boy. A boy who reminds him of Kurt, a boy who needs help finding his place and a boy who will help Blaine find his.
Link to Art: Here
Art Thumbnail:

Also on AO3

FicCollapse )

Jan. 12th, 2013


Fic: Magic, Might and Mistress (Or Basically... Screw Tradition)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Dec. 3rd, 2012

not me, bw-girl hiding face

6 things I wish I'd never done.

Day One:Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself. 

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn-offs.
Day Eight: Three turn-ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

Day 5.

1. Downplayed my bullying. I think that's a defence machanism you take up after an X amount of time, brought on both by the idea that maybe you just 'deserve' it or you might just be all those things they're saying about you and that there hasn't been anything that made it better, sometimes telling someone has only made it worse (or they didn't listen) and you just stop thinking there's anything to be done. I think, that although I might have been even worse off today without those defences, maybe, just maybe, I would've gotten through with someone and got some help. Still unsure about that last part, but it's a wish right?

2. Let things get to this point with my stepdad.

3. Ended my HD-Smoochfest like I did. And my short story for that matter.

4. Started this meme because now I have no ideas for this day?

5. Being so fucking emotionless/detatched in grade school during my last 1-2 years. I mean, maybe, just maybe it would've changed my view on my classmates had I not been completely closed or really, detached from it all. I had this persona on, like I was above it all, that way, whatever happened, didn't effect me.

6. I know this sounds weird, but not crying enough AT school in grade school. I think, based on the response I got the FEW times I did cry, that maybe they often didn't realise how much they were hurting me. Crying would've somehow made them realise that.

This ended up being on one end about my bullying an on the other kind of weird/strange/random. Well, that's ... me. Also, while I might have written this down here, it doesn't really plague me, nor do I think about all these what-ifs this much. I don't like what-ifs, because you can't change the past, you can only change how you take on the future.

Dec. 2nd, 2012


Fic: Waiting to hear, Kurt/Blaine, Glee, GP.

Title Waiting to hear
Author vanessawolfie
Beta hildigunnur/justdelovely
Fandom/Pairing/Character(s) Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers up to 4.08.
Rating Gen
Word count 203
Disclaimer Yeah, I don’t anything. Not Glee, not Blaine, nor Kurt and I certainly wouldn’t have to write this, it’d be there. But, this is much more fun anyway.
Summary It feels like his heart, the one that crumbled in New York that night, is finally going to piece itself back together.
Warnings/Author Notes This is written with the same strange pov as Explode. It’s my take on Blaine. Might be good to read that as well, not necessary, it’s just … might explain this.

Waiting to hearCollapse )

Nov. 29th, 2012


Twilight meta with my friends

Me: It’s not really pedophilia, Jacob is really just drawn to her eggs, because one day, they’ll produce his imprint.
S: Well, then that applies to Edward as well, doesn’t it?
Me: No, Edward is just drawn to her, like you’re drawn to someone you love.
S: No, I meant Jacob should be drawn to Edward as well, you know, he should be drawn to his sperm, which will also produce Jacobs imprint as well.

So, what’s you view? Who’s going to write this fic? Where Jacob craves/is drawn to Edward sperm? Because wouldn’t that just be amazingly kinky?

Nov. 20th, 2012


Poem: Object of lust

I’m alone in the world where I’m the object of lust, but still disgraced and abused and called names without thought.

I’m a victim of a crime and the criminal as well, but no one even cares about the evidence I’m not.

Living here with you was a calm in the storm and I’m thankful for that, but now I’ve got to go and I’m not coming back.

I’m going to face the ridicule and shame they enforce, but I’ll always look back to you with a smile and loss.

I’m standing here in front of them, waiting for my fate, but it seems like they just got how awful my fame has been.

Living here amongst it all was like a hurricane, but somehow I survived it all and can look at the day.

I’m finally freed from this life, this passion of hate, but how will I start anew and forget all that’s lost?

I’m worried that you’re over me, after all this time, but I haven’t got anything to lose, so I’ll take what I get.

Living here with you has it’s ups and it’s downs, but I’d do it all again for this same result.

A/N: I have no idea where this come from, just thought I'd post it here as well as tumblr. I have another post I'd like to post here, hopefully I'll remember it tomorrow. My tumblr is vanessawolfie as well.

Nov. 5th, 2012

pissed off

I don't know what to do!

Okay, so, I'm going to take hildigunnur's advice and bring you guys a poll.

My mom wants me to come home on Friday, before 6pm, and babysit my 10 year old brother. This would mean waiting at school for like at least an hour and then take two busses (1 1/2 hours). This is something I feel like I should do, because it's not really that much of a deal for me and it's helping her out and my excuses for not are lame.

My excuses: I could, just go home from class without having to wait, get things done that need to be done over the weekend and I can do in a short time, so I have less to take to mom's and then watch Glee with hildigunnur (This is like, super important, for *me* and noone else, because I want to watch it, for the first time with hildigunnur, as she watches it for the first time. She's not going to wait to watch it, and I won't last the weekend either), eat and then drive hildigunnur to dinner, go back home, walk downtown and take two busses (1 1/2 hours) to mom's and be there at 10:30pm, so I can go to swimming practice on Saturday morning and tell my coach I'm going to take a break.

Poll #1876984 What should I do?

What shall I do?

Go to mom's straight after school and babysit
Watch glee with hildigunnur and go then
I don't know
Why you asking me?

Also, commenting and discussing will be appreciated as well.

Nov. 3rd, 2012


It's been a while... hello there.

Yes, hi.

Tumblr has EATEN MY BRAIN. Here, go join the madness and follow me: vanessawolfie.

Other news, I've managed to drag another one of my RL friends to livejournal. koffasupernova now has a livejournal and I encourage all to go and read her first fic. It's funny and amazing. Surprising as well.

Pitch Perfect was watched tonight, with hildigunnur. It's amazing as well, Step-Up and Glee thrown together for a movie with a romance plot that was always in the background. Refreshing, because while it was in many ways a Step-Up/Glee mash-up, it was unlike both those worlds because the romance plot was not the main focus.

I've been focusing on a lot of things lately, like writing a lot, doing the schoolwork I should be doing and then having a social life. What has been ignored in the process is swimming and posting. But that's alright, I've ignored all the things I'm doing now in favor of swimming and posting.

Hope all of you are well and that I actually remember next time I get the urge to share something with you guys.

Oct. 27th, 2012

not me, bw-girl hiding face

Poem: I don't care anymore

I don‘t care anymore,

you‘ve made me numb

I don‘t care if they say:

“that girl is dumb”

Because you’ve said it all to me

I don’t flinch if someone calls:

“you’re a whore”

I don’t flinch when they call:

“you’re nothing, you know?”

and I know, because you’ve said it all to me

I don’t care anymore,

you’ve made sure of that

I don’t care what you do

you’ve done it all

and I know, I’ll survive what you’ll do to me

Help me understand

so we can start again

Help me understand

so maybe I can feel again

and know, there are reasons for the things you said to me

There must be a reason

you can’t be this mean

There must be something

I can’t be innocent

because if I am, what does that say ‘bout you?

Oct. 8th, 2012


And then, something of what's been loading up since Friday.

So, this is a post that I've been writing since Saturday morning. It's been building up, so I'm sorry for the length. But this way, I got it all out there, so my next post will be completely about why I had to scream. Also, this way this post can be public and the other flocked.

I made a tumblr for myself: I'm vanessawolfie there as well. I'll be posting my glee reactions there as well, and I want your opinions if you want them out of my livejournal posts. Maybe I'll do a poll sometimes in the next four weeks.

I tried to divide this post up, so it won't be long for all, but sorry about the length anyways.

I wrote this thing in class the other day. I was bored, because the teacher was only talking and while I was listening*, I didn‘t have anything to do with my hands or anything and I quickly get restless in situations like that. So, I wrote some poems, actually in Icelandic, since I was in Icelandic403.

Here‘s the Icelandic one:

[Icelandic version]

Í myrkri heimsins,

sit ég ein,

barin niður og sár.

Í dögun heimsins,

fer ég burt,

horfin, gleymd og grá.

Í ljósi heimsins,

fann ég þig,

blóm mitt og líf.

Í kvöldi heimsins,

missti ég allt,

ástina, heiminn og þig.

And here for the translated one: (Because I had to translate it for you guys didn‘t I?)

In the worlds darkness,

I sit alone,

Broken down and hurt.

In the worlds dawn,

I go away,

Forgotten, lost and grey.

In the worlds light,

I found you,

My flower and life.

In the worlds evening,

I lost everything,

Love, the world and you.

I‘m taking some liberties in the translation, since it‘s my poem, so those who understand both languages will see there are some slight changes, just so it flows well.

Btw- I sent this to the school‘s paper of sorts and they‘re printing it in their next copy. :D

*that I proved on the final exam from the book she was talking about, which I wrote in class Friday  and I believe I sometimes wrote down exactly what she‘d said in class.


I watched both Glee‘s 4x04 and Spn‘s 8x01 yesterday night with hildigunnur and I‘m just glad all the furniture and hildigunnurherself are unharmed after that. Then I rode the bus from her to my mom‘s place to go to a swimming practice this morning. I spent the ride writing my first reaction fic to 4x04 Glee: Explode. It’s kind of meta-ish and weird, but I had to get something out right then.

[Supernatural 8.01 Spoilers]


Oh, who else saw the Benny/Dean thing? (the whole of fandom, slash goggles man!) but really, what I saw was a Brokeback Mountain parallel. I don’t know how, I just did.

How hot was Dean this episode?! Both in and out of Purgatory, he’s so sexy. I don’t know about you, but that’s a mighty fine way to start a season for me.

Sam and Dean need to stop for a second (after they’ve saved the world) and figure out all the unresolved stupid stuff that’s going on between them. It just needs to be done. We can’t continue like this, with them being there just because they’re used to it. I mean, Sam didn’t even look for Dean. Doesn’t that tell us that their relationship has gone off the rails? Fix it WRITERS.

[Glee Spoilers for 4.04]


I’m actually going to play the episode and jump through it to see what I need to talk about here.

Rachel/Finn: Has anyone else noticed how they keep talking at each other? They’re conversations don’t sound like conversations, it sounds like two people talking, over each other and at each other, but never communicating like they should.

I love Rachel’s maturity in this though. That she seems to realise she can’t hold on to Finn anymore, because he can’t grow up with her by his side. Because she can’t keep holding back her life and letting him control it. And she can’t control his either.

Finn has always and will continue to bug me, but I’m saddened by the fact that he still seems to have a long road before he can actually grow up.

Rachel/Brody: I like them. I want them to get together, but I doubt it’s going to be easy now, with Rachel’s head so deeply sunk into her and Finn’s break-up. Although,  I guess, realistically, it was never going to be easy. I just wished it would be. I like Brody. hildigunnur says he has no personality when he’s not flirting with Rachel, which is kind of true, but I think that’s what Glee writers do with characters before they know where to take them. Just look at Blaine.

Will/Emma: Why is this pairing even in the show? And Will Schuester, get the hell out of my TV show!

Brittany/Santana: I liked this plotline. It was short and not really given much thought it seems, but I liked that Santana’s smart enough to realise that even though she’d maybe be able to stay in a long-distance relationship, it won’t do her or Brittany any favours. They’ll just be miserable, guilty every time they so much as think of sex or get horny when they’re away from each other and it’d all end badly. Plus, Santana’s finding her ground, her life is busy and she can’t be there for Brittany to protect her, so Brittany needs to grow up.

Marley/Jake: They could be cute, but it’s like they’re just reading the phonebook or something. It looks like they’re bored and I’m bored. I hope they get more charisma if they’re supposed to be a story line. I think Jake is hot, but I kind of hate Marley, so here’s for hoping that whomever they’ll decide to bring in next, (because yeah Ryan Murphy, I can count, and there are NOT 12 members in the Glee club these days.), is a cute girl with more of an attitude and life than Marley and will be Jake’s girlfriend in the future.

Or hey, they can make Jake come out of the closet, like a parallel with Santana’s old plot-line and he can have a hot new BOYFRIEND. And don’t deny it, you laughed at this, then imagined it, and then started nodding unconsciously. (because Jake with a hot guy kissing him? Yeah, I’d die too.)

Kurt: Kurt’s busy, and really, I get that (yes, I’m quoting Blaine as I go here. What?! Sue me!), but he really needs to stop sometimes and think about the people he loves. I know it’s hard, believe me, and No this is not me blaming him for anything, this is me starting at the beginning of the episode and also, SAYING something about the episode before this, 4x03. He’s not listening to his boyfriend and I’m left to realise he’s the type of person to get so caught up in his amazing world, that he doesn’t remember the ones from his old life.

For example, let’s look at how he leaves everything behind, including his best friend Mercedes, when he’s off for fairytale land: first stop, falling in love with Blaine Anderson. He also leaves his dad behind and I could go on and on.

All this is understandable behaviour from a teenage boy, even a young man like Kurt is now. He’s allowed to be so happy he’s blind to others, but it’s not a good thing. He needs to learn how to find the golden middle way in this, because, he might just drive all his old friends away each time he find new ones.

This is what fandom needs to remember.

Blaine: I’m kind of left hoping this is rock bottom for Blaine, but somehow, I doubt it. It’s him finally falling over the edge and now comes the pain and uncertainty of falling and then the issue of actually hitting rock bottom.

However, I think that what Blaine did here, was a human and young thing to do. It’s a mistake, who doesn’t make them? It’s a bad thing to do, but he was also in a bad place.

I think I’m going to stop about Blaine now, and do another post later, when I’m more awake about this. I have four weeks after all.

Blaine/Kurt: I’m not even sure where to start here. I believe this was the drama we needed. Would it have worked with something else? Would you have bought it if they fought over something else? And stayed mad for more than half an episode? Because that’s the growth we needed. We needed them to do something interesting and tell me we’ve not proven that this is something interesting by all the reaction this episode is getting.

the most horrible thing here is that I remember I was going to add something to this, but I don't remember what. I hope it will come to me.

Oct. 7th, 2012

Just hold me

Fic: Explode, Glee, Kurt/Blaine. PG.

Title: Explode
Author: vanessawolfie
Beta: hildigunnur
Fandom/Pairing/Character: Glee, Klaine, Blaine.
Spoilers: Up to 4x04. Mostly for 4x04.
Rating: PG
Word count: 149
Disclaimer: I don’t own glee, or else it would be all Blaine, all the time and we would’ve actually gotten to see what happened there, not just have to guess.
Summary: That thing? Where you feel all alone, empty and meaningless; that’s where he’s at now.
Author Notes: This is written in a strange pov. It’s meta-ish and weird. Enjoy or not.

Here it isCollapse )

Sep. 29th, 2012

bw-kurt hummel, pride

How glee is making me crazy.

I just realised, reading a bit of reaction fic for Glee's 4.03 that I understand both Kurt and Blaine and in a way, I've and I am still today experiencing just what they are.

I was miserable in grade school. Maybe not miserable when in the lower grades, mostly because I was too naive for that. Now, the last two grades, I think that word fits. I had no longing what so ever to stay in that town after I graduated. I saw no point in interacting with those people ever again after I got the opportunity to leave. Which lead to the fact that I felt miserable until the time came I got to leave.

I had (have) a friend, a year younger than me, that was in the swimming club like I was. We like each other and get along in that quiet, simple way some friends go through. We just ... are. There's no drama, mostly because there isn't a point to the drama and because we have personalities that don't make drama together, if you catch my drift. She didn't help with school though, because she had her own life there. She had friends, that although I could see, somewhere in the back of my mind, that they were not the perfect friends, not the thing she should hang all her life on, but she had them. And they invited her to things, parties, birthdays and other things. In my mind, she had everything I didn't and I kept being annoyed that she was telling me about it. Every time she'd talk about them, I'd be disinterested, quick to change the subject. Like with a lot of other things at the time, I knew in the back of my head that it was wrong and rude of me, but I couldn't really bring myself to care.

Today, it's the complete opposite. I'm in MH, where I like school and I like my social life better. It a safe environment, the thing I was envious about that my friend had. I left my old life behind completely, or as completely as I could and started MH seeking a new one. Today, I love my friends and I have a bunch of them, some very close, some close and some that are just there, but I'd miss if they weren't. (and then, as always, people that I hate but seem to always need to be around me or my crowd, but that's a story for another day). She on the other hand, is in the junior college of our town, where she went half a year early and with the attitude of not really being interested in making a lot of friends. Her friends would join her soon. Except, when her friends did join her, they'd completely outgrown her, or maybe she them. No matter which one, they don't really include her anymore. From what she says, they sound like my 'friends group' in grade school; a bunch of girls that I've always been around, whether they've been around me or not and we're all too used to each other to really say that we just don't like each other (or sometimes, that they don't like me). The thing is, I don't know how to solve this for my friend. She's the only thing, except for my mom (and brother) that I still hold onto from grade school. But I can't help her with her problem, even though it's so similar to how I had it. I know it's because I didn't really solve my problem, I just got away from it. I can't tell her to do the same, because she's chosen to stay there for 3+ more years. (I can feel the chills running down my back just as I type that) She doesn't seem to interact with other people in her school either, (even though there are like 1000+ students there, and her group of girls is like..... 10 girls at the most) which is bizare to me, because I get to know people in every single one of my classes, whether I like/get to know them better/ really talk to them after one time, is another matter. I could, and I do sometimes, but I'm comfortable with my group of friends, so I don't need the new ones, unless they're special.

In conclusion, I'm left listening to my friend whine about her 'friends' and almost feeling guilty when I talk about mine (because I know exactly how she feels when I do). She's voiced that she feels crappy when I talk about 'all my friends' or 'all the fun I'm having' or 'all the parties I go to' and I had to bite my tongue as not to say: "Well, this is how I felt when I was in your situation," because that's a crappy thing to do. So instead, I try to limit it, so that when I talk about my friends, it's because she asks me to. Our relationship sails on compromises (and cold, sarcastic humour), so this is not the first time one of us has had to stop talking about something, to prevent someone from becoming annoyed. (I think this is because we don't know how to have drama between us, I can't even imagine how we'd go about that).

And now on to how this can possibly be related to glee.

[Spoilers up to 4.03 Glee]

(for ease during this post, let's call my friend X)

When Kurt and Blaine first met, Blaine was the one who had the safe environment and his solution to Kurt's problem's, that were so like the ones he had before Dalton, was to do the same as he did, get out. In that situation, Kurt could, so everything went smoothly.

During 3.17 "Dance with Somebody", they're both experiencing the feeling I was talking about that me and X have both felt at different time points.

  • Blaine's feeling envious of the future of glory, of New York, of getting out of here, that's soon coming to Kurt. He's feeling just like I was, annoyed that Kurt seems intent on pushing this on him, rubbing it in his face (when he really isn't, he's just talking about his to-be 'wonderful life'. He's sharing. But sometimes, sometimes sharing can hurt. That's when we have to compromise. But we can't if we don't know about it. Which leads to the point that Blaine should've/needed to tell Kurt that he was feeling this way, not just go off and ignore him.

  • Kurt on the other hand, is envious that Blaine seems to pass effortlessly, make friends and blend in, in a way that, Kurt may not really want to, but if he would, you couldn't. He doesn't talk about it, so Blaine doesn't know, so he can't compromise, or be considerate, but Kurt's still hurting.

  • All this leads to things blowing up in their faces, shit going down and the key word, drama. As soon as they fix things, compromise and take things into consideration and think before they say or do something that comes naturally to them, things are okay again. (or as okay as they can be)

Now, in 4.03, we have another example of this thing, even if it's all a little bit different.

  • Blaine is feeling left out, rightfully so, not really getting the people around him, he's still not used to all this chaos that New Directions is and it makes him feel lonely and shitty and envious of Kurt, who has gotten out. Kurt has a new life now, with new friends and a new safe environment that Blaine craves and wants. But because he doesn't talk, Kurt can't sympathize, like he should be capable of, because he's been there. Instead, Blaine's constantly being reminded of how he's still there, when Kurt's out without an outlet, or a companion to sympathize.

  • Kurt on the other hand, is like I am in relation to my friend X today. He's out of the miserable world, he's happy, he has things to do and he doesn't want to go back in, because he's out and oh, when you're out, you desperately don't want to be dragged inside again, even for a short time, or a for a conversation. He's not yet in the place where he can listen and sympathize, because he's too scared of being dragged back in. Dragged back to the miserable life, with no way out. Just like when Blaine was hurting in 3.17, Blaine's hurting now, but just like that time, because Blaine doesn't share it with Kurt, doesn't tell him he's feeling this way, Kurt can't know. He doesn't know and he doesn't realise, and let's face it, he's a 18 year old boy, he's not going to spot that from New York. At least not in his haze.

Huff. Now I've gotten that out of my system, to the fangirl part of my thoughts about this episode.

I don't know how to react to all this sexyness. Kurt is HOT, Rachel is SMOKING, Brody is eatable, Jake is dangerously hot and I could go on. What disappoints me, is that even though Blaine (Darren Criss) will always be hot in some way, his misery and hair gel is making him .... unsexy. Also, why does Brittany keep on being so nearing-ugly these past two episodes? Is it just that Heather Morris is too old and tall to be wearing that thing?

Another thing, I'm dreading this thing with Sam and Brittany. I don't like it. But then again, maybe I should've seen it coming. Brittany has no real understanding of how relationships work, so with Santana away, she doesn't know she's not supposed to go date Sam. Which is bound to happen now. DID you see how he looked at her?

I'm holding on to hope that I'll finally be released from this Shuester madness and he'll go away, but the mature voice in my head keeps bothering me with little tid-bits like "he's tried before" and "Do you really think you're that lucky", but alas, I'm determined to keep onto my hope until the next episode.

I'll end this ridiculously long post with the question of this episode: "What the hell is Finn doing there?"

Sep. 27th, 2012


Fic: Broken, not, Hp, Hermione/Ron, PG

Title: Broken, not
Author: vanessawolfie
Beta(s): hildigunnur and bleedforyou1
Prompter/Prompt: writcraft - "Kiss me and tell me it's not broken"
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter, Hermione/Ron
Rating: PG
Word Count: 307
Disclaimer: Do not own Harry Potter.
Summary: Hermione and Ron are feeling the shocks of the battle.

StoryCollapse )

Sep. 21st, 2012



Comment and I will....

1. Tell you why I friended you
2. Associate you with something
3. Tell you a memory I have of you
4. Associate you with a character or pairing
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
6. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours
7. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal :)

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